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Eliances Heroes

Feb 27, 2017

Jeff Hoffman serial entrepreneur part of Priceline dot com is interviewed by David Cogan of Eliances Heroes show amfm, iHeart radio. Before helping create the Name Your Price travel website valued at over $50Billion Jeff sold his first startup company to American Express, powering the walk-up kiosk systems printing boarding passes at airports. With Priceline, Jeff said he and partners planned to do nothing different than creating a reverse auction site for travel. He explained to David that the goal originally was to be the all source reverse auction for anything, however they were so successful they decided to stick with the formula. Jeff is an active mentor, and is on the boards of several startups. He also is a trusted advisor to presidents of the United States on internet technology and emerging concepts. His newest venture, Color Jar provides strategy, consulting, workshops and coaching to entrepreneurs. "Encourage children to try things and explore."