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Eliances Heroes

Sep 25, 2023

Carter Wilcoxson and Tim James are joined by this week's guest Patrick Huey, a certified financial planner from Victory Independent Planning (VIP). Patrick specializes in helping clients optimize their financial strategies, especially in the realm of charitable giving and tax planning.   

Aug 19, 2023

Carter Wilcoxson and Tim James are joined by this week's guest, Charlie Beljan, Golfer at PGA Tour. In this episode, Charlie shares his inspiring journey from being a PGA Tour player to overcoming personal struggles with alcohol and mental health, leading to his transformation towards sobriety and well-being. Charlie is...

Jul 18, 2023

LaTika Tillis joined Avidian Wealth Solutions in 2013 and currently serves as Private Investments Specialist. She previously worked as a Senior Wealth Management Associate and was responsible for all essential functions relating to new and existing clients and maintaining client relationships. In her role as Private...

Jul 1, 2023

The Health and Wealth Podcast Show

In this episode of the Health and Wealth podcast, hosts Carter Wilcoxson and Tim welcome their guest, Libby Griewe, of The Efficient Advisor podcast. Libby discuss her journey from sports marketing to more. 

May 27, 2023

Brion Crum VP of Wealth Development at Caliber Funds. Brion talks about how growing up on a farm in Ohio and watching his father's entrepreneurship made him realize the value of business ownership and investing in real...