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Eliances Heroes

Apr 12, 2022

Dylan Jett is our special guest from "Down Under" today on Lighting the Educational Flame. Dylan talks about songwriting, performing, and being a teenager in an adult business in this episode of Lighting the Educational Flame with Marc Hoberman, Presented by HVTV. 

Mar 12, 2022

Host Marc Hoberman talks with Dr. Jeff Kopstein about the education needed to go into the field of medicine. He also speaks about the pandemic, vaccines, and his experiences working in the hospital setting in this episode of Lighting the Educational Flame presented by HVTV.

Jan 31, 2022

On this episode we have Brette Sims who is the Founder and Creative Director of Stuk Designs. She lives in California and is an innovative entrepreneur and a passionate fine artist! 

Jan 24, 2022

Film score composer and singer/songwriter Romain Dagnan join us from Paris, France to have a chat and help us understand more about the integration of music in film, we talked about inspiration, and more in this episode of Music Mayhem with...