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Eliances Heroes

Mar 20, 2017

Thomas Dolby Musician and MTV Icon is interviewed by David Cogan of Eliances Heroes show amfm, iHeart. Thomas and David talk the early days of electronic music, and the benefit it afforded Thomas being able to meet and play with his most revered heroes in music like David Bowie and others. Thomas explained that tech in the late 70s was rarified; he found the system he used in a dumpster and worked to learn it. They also discuss Thomas's experience producing and acting as a studio and tour musician for some of the biggest acts in the industry. He also was the original Music Director for the TED Conference, and was at the first Digital Music Conference where the fate of music online was discussed. "Reflect your daily experience in your work; what is real to you is quite possibly real to others as well. It exhibits integrity and authenticity."