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Jan 22, 2017

Lisa Roth (sister of original Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth) creator of Rockabye Baby Series CDs celebrating its 10th Anniversary is interviewed by David Cogan of Eliances Heroes show amfm, iHeart radio. David and Lisa talk about her experience growing up with Van Halen in her garage and home, and how she's making her own mark in music with her Rockabye Baby series of CDs she created from CMH Label Group. She tells David about the shopping trip that inspired the idea for the series, being disappointed by music choices for parents of new babies. Lisa decided to design compilation cds music loving parents could enjoy while rocking their children to sleep or playing. The series features bands like Radiohead, Metallica, The Beatles, David Bowie and more. "Always lend your honest perspective and ask questions. Be willing to be an apprentice because that's how you learn."