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Mar 13, 2017

Leigh Steinberg CEO Steinberg Sports is interviewed by David Cogan of Eliances Heroes show amfm, iHeart radio. Leigh is known as the true life inspiration for the movie Jerry McGuire starring Tom Cruise about the inner-workings of the high-pressure world of sports agents. Leigh was called "The Most Powerful Person in Sports" by The Sporting News. David and Leigh discuss a topic that's important to Leigh, bullying prevention. He cited 40% of all kids report having been bullied at one time or another. Leigh encourages all athletes in his portfolio to work with kids at their high school and college to help pave the way for the next group of athletes and non-athletes as well. David and Leigh talk about how not all the sports is glamorous, and the hard work that goes into developing Steinberg clients for their big time play in the world and not just on in the stadiums and arenas where they excel. "Look for opportunities to create change, don't wait for 'them' to do it."